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The Right Intent Data Subscription
for Channel Partners and Resellers

Nurture Marketing has just introduced our new GoldRushSM Intent Data Subscription Service exclusively for channel resellers, partners, and solution providers who need an affordable intent data solution.

While many companies promise to deliver intent data, it's just for one moment in time—when the intent data provider pulled the information. But that single moment doesn't tell the whole story.

GoldRush delivers purchase intent data trending over time, so you know where your accounts are coming from and where they are headed in their purchase decision-making process. Monitoring this pulse of your prospect marketplace over weeks or months is key.

We will help you choose the right search keywords to track the organizations that are at the early stage of interest, those that are in-market and immersed in research, and also eventually those companies that are ready to buy. Our large contact database also ensures that we can help you find the companies and individuals who can be nurtured into sales qualified leads (SQLs) for your solution.

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Intent Data Trending Over Time for the Channel

Our GoldRush Intent Data Subscription Service is ideal for channel partners and resellers who are seeking a highly affordable intent data solution. Together with our team, you'll select the search keywords for your product or solution that we use to track companies of specific sizes or within particular industries. GoldRush provides intent data trending over time, so you get very strong buying signals for each targeted account over weeks and months.

You'll become aware of the pulse of your prospect marketplace as companies start to show interest, engage with research, and are eventually ready to buy.

Includes Updated Contact Information

Based on your ideal buyer personas, we also associate the most likely influencers and decision-makers and provide you with an updated list of individuals and their contact information within your targeted intent companies.

Results and Testimonials

Our clients at Queue Associates recently shared that not only are they getting leads and growing their pipeline using GoldRush, but they're also getting data on the exact intent score at which they need to start contacting an account based on deals they're engaged in, and the intent scores provided by GoldRush.

'It’s beneficial and much more accurate in gathering more relevant leads than any of the other software we’ve been using. From our initial meetings with the sales team to discuss the how's and why's of the software, it seems everyone is happy about implementing it.' – Sara Courtemanche, Marketing Coordinator, Queue Associates

'We are frequently discussing and evaluating the leads during our sales calls and are very much impressed by the program.'
Satya Ravipati, Global Marketing Manager, Queue Associates

How the GoldRush Intent Data Service Works for You

With this service, every couple of weeks you can:

  • See who is searching for and evaluating a particular solution set
  • Understand how that purchase intent is trending/changing over time
  • Acquire and engage with contacts, knowing that it's the right time to influence their buying journey to close the deal

Market Development Funds

Intent data can be costly, especially when purchasing a small amount. For many resellers, it has been economically challenging to purchase intent data on a continuing basis. But not anymore. A GoldRush subscription is available for those in the channel for a low monthly fee. Plus, it's often covered by your partner market development funds (MDF). By checking your guidelines, we can help determine your eligibility and MDF availability.

Nurture Marketing Can Help with
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As a full-service channel marketing agency, we can also help with your marketing initiatives, including developing and implementing nurturing programs for every stage of your sales funnel.

Request Data Snapshot and Book Your Free Intent Data Consultation

To request a GoldRush sample data snapshot that showcases the extent of the company, contact, and intent score information, as well as our unique categorization of leads into “buying stages,” submit your email address:


    We also invite you to book a free data consultation with our data expert, Don Quattrochio at 774-278-1038 or donaldq@nurturemarketing.com.