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Introduction to Event Marketing

Events are an effective way to promote your brand and engage with your target audience. Whether you’re hosting an in-person or virtual event, you can use a variety of marketing tactics to attract attendees and generate buzz. And you don’t have to go it alone. Let the Nurture Marketing experienced experts help you create the experience you’re looking for to help you drive more business.

Generate Sales Pipeline and Build Engagement

Our event strategy is designed to help you generate leads, build your sales pipeline, and even close sales deals as a direct result of event marketing programs. Building engagement through unique, personalized experiences, we have coordinated hundreds of virtual, live, and hybrid events. Our proven methodologies and processes begin with a conversation. Then we work with your team to include event marketing at the right spot in the customer journey. We will help you ensure a successful, delightful experience for your attendees and enable you to focus on building pipeline and closing sales.

Personalized White Glove Experiences and Other Event Services

Take your event to the next level with memorable, personalized white glove experiences. Nurture produces exciting live, hybrid, and virtual event options. Work with us to personalize each event to ensure that your customers have an engaging experience, allowing you to do what you do best—focus on closing deals. We offer:

  • Hosted live, hybrid, or virtual events
  • Event planning, scheduling, and management
  • Customized invitation deliverables
  • Managed registration process, including registration landing pages as needed
  • Experience packages shipped to attendees when applicable

Choose from Virtual, Live, and Hybrid Events

Get customers engaging with your team during a memorable interaction, with as much time as you need for product messages. You can select the type of event that you want or contact us for a free consultation with our event experts, who can help you select the right event for your marketing and sales needs, including:

  • Customer Events: Get customers engaging with your team during memorable interactions, with as much time as you need for product messages.
  • Account-Based Marketing Events: Account-based marketing (ABM/ABX) events enable you to target one or several best-fit accounts and with the strategy and tactics to help you turn tire-kickers into customers.
  • Team-Building Events: Celebrate your internal teams in recognition of milestones or to motivate them for continued excellence.
  • Partner Incentive Programs: Reward your partners for supporting your revenue goals.
  • Webinars: Bring back the excitement of online meetings and deliver meaningful content.
  • Trade Shows, Road Shows, and Other In-Person Events: Shine a new light on your products and build closer connections with prospects and clients.

How We Do It and What You Get

After an initial meeting with you and your team, our event team will create a proposal to help you understand pricing and set expectations. We’ll then have a kick-off call and:

  • Discuss event marketing and where it fits into your customer journey
  • Personalize the event marketing experience in the best environment for you to share your product or service messages
  • Create a list of deliverables and detailed project schedule for each event
  • Acquire  targeted contact data  for an expanded invitation list, as needed
  • Generate custom messaging and methods to capture attention across social, web, and/or email
  • Create engaging invitations and landing pages​ with customized graphics and your logo(s)
  • Manage to your deadlines for registration and deliveries​
  • Create a ‘Run of Show’ to outline how the event will flow​, with roles and timing
  • Encourage attendance with timely messages and calendar and email reminders​
  • Host practice session(s) as needed
  • Deliver on-site production or remote support
  • Send event experience packages to attendees before the event, as needed
  • Meet and share regular progress reports
  • Provide post-event support and follow-up​

Event Marketing Experience Examples

With over 20 years of experience in producing events that generate business for our clients, we have many engaging options. We can also create all-new, hyper-personalized attendee experiences to meet your goals. In each case, there’s time for fun and as much time as you need to share your business messages.

Some expert-led interactive experiences that we have helped our clients host in the past include:

  • Design your own personalized sneakers
  • Cocktail mixology, beer, wine, and whisky tastings
  • Live cooking, grilling, and interactive baking and decorating sessions
  • Magician and scientist-led performances and demonstrations
  • Live trade show experiences with surveys, performances, and other engaging activities
  • Regional road shows, sales presentations, and lunch-and-learns
  • Travel-themed virtual experiences with pre-shipped gift packages
  • Work/life balance wellness experiences with mindset, fitness, and nutrition coaching
  • And many, many more!

Start Your Personalized Event Marketing Experience Today

Contact our event marketing expert Don Quattrochio at donaldq@nurturemarketing.com for a free consultation or call him at 774-278-1038 for more information.