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More Ways to Use Data to
Improve Your Marketing Success

Nurture Marketing’s additional data services help our clients to achieve higher success rates. Learn how we can help you use data to boost your business.

1. Data Refresh Services

Missing and Inaccurate Reseller Data

Our research shows that reseller databases are 33%-66% inaccurate. When you work with Nurture Marketing to refresh your data, we will run a target market analysis and verification program to update and enhance your files.

Dormant Data and Undeliverable Email Addresses

Company data changes monthly. We recommend that you regularly manage the validity of your CRM data so that valuable opportunities aren’t falling out of the sales pipeline. We can help wake up your dormant accounts and determine who is still a prospect—contact us and ask us how.


2. Campaign-Based Data Services

End of Life

Using client install data and a proven campaign approach, we empower resellers to reach customers before their products reach EOL and migrate them to new solutions. We’re here to help.

Relocation Data

Company relocation and expansion information reveals companies with an increased need for technology and solutions. Nurture Marketing can find companies that are moving, growing, or transitioning. Let’s work together to discover new data for your campaigns.

Circle of Influence Data and Account-Based Marketing

The decision-making process for technology solutions includes departments and roles beyond IT. We identify and add the entire decision-maker and influencer contact base to ensure that your partners are engaging with all contacts who affect a purchase. Leveraging our nurturing methodology and specific account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns and events can also help to close deals more quickly.

Intent Data Subscription for Channel Partners and Resellers

Are you a channel reseller, partner, or solution provider? If you’re searching for an affordable intent data solution, Nurture Marketing recently introduced our new GoldRushSM Intent Data Subscription Service just for you. Because intent data captures just a single moment, GoldRush delivers purchase intent data trending over time, since monitoring the pulse of your prospect marketplace is key to communicating with them at the right time, with the right message (we can help there, too). LEARN MORE

Contact Us for a Free Data Consultation

If you are focused on growing your business, Nurture Marketing can help you to better understand our data and other marketing services that we can customize to boost your sales and marketing efforts.

For your free data consultation, contact our data expert Don Quattrochio at 774-278-1038 or donaldq@nurturemarketing.com.