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Nurture Marketing Virtual Trade Show Solution – Virtualize Any Trade Show or Other Live Event

  • Posted by: Eric Rabinowitz

Nurture Marketing Virtual Tradeshow example showing a presentation in a crowded auditorium

Prior to joining Nurture MarketingDon Quattrochio was a VP of Marketing for a software company in Phoenix, AZ. He described the following about trade shows and Nurture Marketing’s unique Virtual Trade Show Solution, which is especially germane with changing event schedules surrounding the business-related effects of the Coronavirus outbreak, and other conference digitization priorities.


We used to host a user conference that my team and I managed. It was a great event and well received by our clients. Even though we charged a fee to attend, it still cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce and took a full year to plan. I hate to think of the impact Coronavirus is having on events like this today. Knowing that the agreement with the venues are already in place, companies are faced with the dilemma of canceling events, or realizing that attendance will be impacted.

In November, a client hired Nurture Marketing to manage their virtual trade shows in 2020. The events include a partner show, annual symposium that will be livestreamed and a trade show for their clients. At the time, we weren’t aware of the Coronavirus. Needless to say, they are extremely happy that they made the decision to go virtual. In the past week, I have heard of numerous companies canceling their events and changing their travel policies. If you have an event scheduled later in the year, you too can consider a virtual option. A Virtual event can be used in conjunction with a live event such as our clients Symposium that will be livestreamed or to replace your event all together.

Virtual Trade Show software enables you to create a 3D experience with the look and feel of a conference center that includes a lobby with registration and help desks, an expo hall with booths for your partners and solution sets, a theater and meeting rooms enabling you to manage simultaneous tracks. With gamification, prizes, surveys, badges and chat options, you’re able to create an interactive experience for your audience.  It’s definitely worth looking into before you cancel your events.

Unlike live events that take a full year to plan, it does take a good 4-5 months to plan a virtual event.  This time may be shortened if you have assets like graphics and content already planned.  So for events that are planned for September and beyond, you still have time.

To give you a visual overview of the experience, please feel free to watch the following video:


Please contact Don Quattrochio directly, by visiting his LINKEDIN PROFILE.

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