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Marketing Treasures from Jim Cecil

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Marketing Treasures from Jim Cecil

Posted by: Eric Rabinowitz
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By Eric Rabinowitz, CEO, Nurture Marketing

Buried deep in our new website is a seldomly visited treasure of valuable content that has transformed the lives of thousands of people, not to mention my own life.

“Hi Eric, I was just telling someone about Jim’s impact on our company many years ago and how Nurture Marketing was coined by Jim before the word was even used. Jim spoke to our TEC group and subsequently a national association of which I was a director. Sorry to hear that he passed. What a great guy.”

I get unsolicited messages like this weekly from LinkedIn, through our website, or over the telephone, recalling personal stories about how Jim and his Nurture philosophy helped transform their lives both personally and professionally. From 1990 through 2010, Jim created audio recordings of his works with his good friend Jack Burke.

Included on our website are the Complete Works of Jim Cecil, beginning with our book, Nurturing Customer Relationships, published in 2006, in addition to his other works, The Nurture Workshop, The Nurturing Sales Manager, The New Customer Paradigm, Mastering Relationship Selling, and Growing Relationships with Affluent Clients. Each of these audio books, now podcasts, are free, available only on our website, including our book Nurturing Customer Relationships, which is still available on Amazon for $30! Each of these podcasts are professionally produced and presented by Jim Cecil. They are presented free at the request of the Cecil family and Nurture Marketing, LLC.

Our series of Nurture marketing education programs through the words of Jim Cecil starts with an interview between Jack Burke and Jim Cecil on Jim’s lifetime of Nurturing. Like a pilot on a new TV series, this 8:41 second conversation should provide you with the proper motivation to continue on with this series. Over the following months our blog will introduce marketing concepts central to nurture and marketing using the words, ideas, stories, exercises and voice of Jim Cecil to help you along the way to a nurture-filled life.


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