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It’s Time for Personalized Partnerization!

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It’s Time for Personalized Partnerization!

Posted by: Larry Zusman
Category: Nurture Marketing

It is time to change our approach to co-branding. Traditionally, vendors have created materials that speak to their products and solutions, who their products are ideally suited for, what business challenges their offerings address, why their solution is better than the rest (their USP), and who you can contact to get started. These materials are often used in partner co-branding programs and campaigns.

The challenge for partners in using these co-brandable materials is how best to weave in their expertise in deploying/installing and supporting the vendor’s solution so the materials resonate with prospects and clients to support lead generation activities.

Today’s partners are nothing like resellers of the past. They are IT extensions of companies, equipped with well-trained salesforces, application engineers, and expert support teams. Their salesforce understands what the customer needs and how to work to get the momentum for change within the organization. They employ application engineers who can configure a solution and architect it for or with the customer, and most of these specialists have advanced vendor and Fed/State training and certifications. Support departments are manned by experts in diagnosing a problem and quickly solving it. Managed services are growing exponentially, and the partners who are operating with a MSP business model are providing significant value to clients in both solution delivery and support, and OpEx versus CapEx (FinOps on the cloud cost management). For ISVs deploying solutions via hyperscaler cloud offerings, and for the partners who sell them, customization of marketing materials is paramount to understand what the solution does on the cloud together with the value of working with a particular partner.

And with the meteoric rise of generative AI comes the need for partners to work directly with end customers on the development of large language and foundational models that fully leverage the capabilities of these toolsets to solve critical business problems. These partners and ISVs are uniquely capable of delivering these custom AI-enabled applications. Without them, many technology offerings have little value in addressing the specific needs of customers in this new age of AI/ML apps.

In short, the professional services and support partners provide should be incorporated into all channel vendor marketing materials and programs.

But how can vendors deliver these highly personalized marketing programs and materials incorporating partner value affordably, and at scale?

In this landscape, Nurture Marketing introduces a unique, groundbreaking solution for 2024—Personalized Partnerization. Leveraging AI and advanced content engines, Nurture Marketing can seamlessly integrate vendor messaging with partner-specific value-add across all media—for as many partners as desired. This includes motion graphic videos and interactive media (ActivGraphicsSM), creating a powerful one-to-one marketing approach at both partner and end-user levels.

Imagine partners possessing engaging motion graphic videos and interactive media, delivering the ideal message on why they are the right partner for deploying and supporting a vendor’s solution. This innovative approach ensures that vendor solution and partner/ISV value-add messages are conveyed equally. And with that approach, every partner will want to market and sell the vendor’s solution.

In a world where 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions, the time has come to revolutionize the presentation of partner and ISV value-add. It’s time for “personalized partnerization.”

To witness a sample partner-specific video where partner value-add, geography, certifications and more are seamlessly integrated into a motion graphics video, click here. For inquiries on our new offering, contact Nurture Marketing

By Larry Zusman, CMO