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Intent Data-based Digital Marketing Gets Results

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Intent Data-based Digital Marketing Gets Results

Posted by: John Cote
Category: Contact Databases, Data, Nurture Marketing, Partner Channel

Near the end of 2023, we had the opportunity to work with a client who wanted to elevate its conversational commerce solutions and expertise to a new target market. Using our GoldRush℠ Intent Data Services, we created a target market of executive contacts who met our criteria and profile. To help attract interest and engagement, we created a persona-based, multi-faceted, multi-channel campaign that ran for several weeks. Our Sales Surrogate℠ telemarketing team conducted follow-up calls to contacts who expressed an interest in the subject by engaging with campaign materials to create a subset of MQLs.

How effective was this approach? Here’s a snapshot of some campaign metrics.

Emails (4)
Average unique open rate: 12%
Average unique click rate: 4%
Follow-Up Calls
Requested more information: 11%

Combining intent data with the right messaging, assets, and channels leads to powerful outcomes. Contact any of us at Nurture Marketing to learn more about creating an intent data digital marketing campaign that delivers results.