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Acres of Diamonds – Relationships by Design™

Posted by: Eric Rabinowitz
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By Eric Rabinowitz, CEO, Nurture Marketing

If you’ve not experienced Jim Cecil’s podcasts, The Power to Go to Market is a great place to start. Please remember that Jim recorded them in 2002, and he makes references to technologies that are now obsolete. However, the recordings are not about technology, they are about the philosophy of Nurture that is as relevant today as it was two decades ago.

Jim gave thousands of speeches in his career. What makes them so interesting is how he could weave personal stories, famous quotes, and concepts from other marketing gurus into a coherent tale that both teaches and entertains. Outside of Nurture, Jim taught me how to make a compelling speech. As you listen to him, you can also pick up pointers on storytelling, humor, and pace, which can add to your own public speaking repertoire.

Book One contains one of my favorite go to market exercises used by hundreds of Nurture Marketing clients, prospects, and attendees of Jim Cecil’s talks called Relationships by Design. Starting at approximately 27:40 of Book One of The Power to Go to Market, Jim details how to evaluate your most valuable assets, your clients and prospects. Included in this Blog is the form to which Jim refers in his talk. What our clients love best about this exercise is that it provides a one-page view of your most important relationships, including clients. Print the form and follow along as Jim takes you step-by-step through the process of evaluating your own acres of diamonds–your clients and prospects.

Download Form (PDF)

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