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Our PowerPoint Survey Shocker

At Nurture Marketing, we help organizations build and maintain successful relationships with customers and prospects. In our humble opinions, one of the most critical nurture points takes place when sales presents to a customer or prospect. We’re not alone on this, either. The smart folks at Booz Allen (in a study cited by Tim Riesterer) found that 85% of brand decision-making and brand loyalty is created at the point of sales contact.

So, first impressions last. Now, how are those impressions made? No question: the 30 million-pound gorilla in this space is PowerPoint. More than 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created everyday by over 500 million users worldwide. That’s a lot of PPT files. Now, how many companies have air-tight systems to centralize, manage and analyze these files? Not too many. Could employees then be sending risky content in PPT format? Probably. But how much is that really happening?

Long story short, we got curious about the real level of PowerPoint risk out there, so we put together our first-ever Presentation Content Risk Survey. You’ll find the full results in that link, but here’s one juicy example: 9/10 respondents reported receiving false, misleading or outdated PPT files via email.

It just gets better from there -- you can see for yourself by clicking on the above link. Of course, if you or someone you know is looking to put together a comprehensive relationship nurturing program that includes managing, tracking and analyzing presentations, then please know that Nurture Marketing is ready to help. We’ve even found an excellent solution in SlideShark Team Edition that makes a great cornerstone for presentation management.

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