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Holiday Marketing Ideas

With the winter holiday season upon us, here are some marketing ideas guaranteed to spread some good cheer to your clients and prospects.

Be charitable

Give a gift that shows clients you care with a donation to their favorite charity via Charity Choice. Get your team involved and volunteer for a local or industry charity event, and write a holiday newsletter or blog with pictures and details about your positive experience.

Skip the traditional holidays

Why not skip the holiday clutter altogether? Stand out by celebrating new beginnings with a New Year’s mailing, or send something out on Valentine’s Day.

Smile for the (video) camera

It’s a digital world, so why not create a video holiday card? Record your employees giving individual greetings, then post on your website and YouTube.

Options for the camera shy

Don’t want to be on camera? You can still take advantage of the digital “cool factor” by sending your customers an eCard. Check out sites like Enteract for a variety of designs and fun ways to personalize your greetings.

Think Big

People love a chance to win big prizes like an iPad, and now is the time to give them that chance. Ask people to sign up for next year’s newsletter and enter them in a random drawing. In the spirit of giving, donate one to a local children’s hospital or community center.

Pick up your pen

Express your holiday wishes and gratitude in a handwritten letter, mailed in a hand-addressed envelope. Enclose quality stationery or notecards personalized with their name or logo.

Resist temptation

Sure, you’re sending something to a lot of people and spending money on postage. But do not slip in a brochure or business card -- save that for later. Focus on sharing nothing but good cheer this holiday season.

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Share Your Story With Nurture Videos

Nurture Marketing will now be offering video services as another marketing tool for your website and business. We create customized videos tailored to your specific business and offer extensive consultation to decide the content and style that is best for you.

Video marketing can benefit your company in many ways, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Videos grab your audience’s attention on a website otherwise filled with stagnant text and graphics
  • A distributed online video has enormous reach
  • The video medium combines audio and visual elements to better clarify featured news and product instructions  for greater understanding and memory
  • Online videos are able to get top search rankings for your keywords
  • Online videos may be more cost effective than any other form of media
  • Though our advice is readily available, the choices of how and when to use your video is exclusively yours

As part of our video marketing services, Nurture Marketing provides a free phone consultation to discuss your business objectives and aesthetic preferences, so we can formulate your video marketing plan together. The video, fully produced by Nurture Marketing, will run 2-4 minutes and can take any form you choose, from animation to live action, with any music, graphics, and information that suits your specific business and target audience.

Our team has extensive experience shooting videos for business, films, and most recently for a major online news agency. For SEO, we can do the keyword research to identify what your customers are searching for, and tag your video to help it reach your desired market most efficiently and effectively. Once your video is ready, we can then help promote it through social media outlets, including YouTube, which helps boost rankings and views for your video in major search engines, and integrates easily with other social networks, such as twitter and facebook. Once this campaign is launched, we can send you monthly reports outlining its progress, plus a report of where the video is being distributed.

Video costs start at $2,500

For more information, contact Eric Rabinowitz at 732 636-1001 x 27 or via e-mail at