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Direct Mail Writing Tips

Since a vast majority of marketing messaging is email-based, sending old-fashioned direct mail to your clients and prospects is a good way to stand out. Here are some tips for direct mail success, no matter your marketing budget.

Grab them with the opening

Make the letter compelling at the very beginning by asking a question or relating a personal story. A strong opening makes it much more likely that the recipient will read the entire piece closely. But even if you have a great first paragraph, there's no guarantee the reader will pay such close attention, so you need to make sure you…

Make it scannable

If the content allows it, use bolded bulleted lists, as well as headlines and quotations. The idea is to make the letter as fast and easy as possible to read.

Focus on the recipient

Make it about them. Their business, their problems, and solutions that will work for them.

Have a call to action… or don’t

A specific call to action isn’t always necessary, especially when you’re sending direct mail around the holidays. You might use this as a chance to simply thank them for their business, or to offer them something: a gift, a discount, maybe even a referral.

Make it personal

Write the letter as if you’re speaking directly to the recipient. Avoid formal business language and buzzwords. While you’re at it, hand sign the letter and hand address the envelope.

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