Like Humans Do

For years I never really understood the tone of most marketing letters that come across my desk. What I found is that most of what we produce in our industry lacks humanity. We tend to try and hit the impersonal centers of reader's brains and almost always ignore the emotional and truly human parts. I think people like to buy from people who they know and trust but most of what I see as marketing collateral does nothing to create personal relationships.


B2B Viral Marketing - What Works

I think I first started thinking regularly about “viral marketing” when I learned about its impact in a “Staying Ahead of the Pack” presentation given by Mac McIntosh in 2006. My life in marketing has taken me in different directions, though I have always had to appear to be in the “know” when it came to the most modern online marketing ideas. So I finally started to pay more attention and decided to Blog this month on what I learned.


Just Listen

If you have heard me speak you know my formula for leveraging your nurturing efforts: Identify, Individualize, Interact and Influence. The simple algorithm for nurturing customer relationships.