AFFECTION - the Antidote for Defection

Valentine's Day. What a rare day in many parts of the world to say "Thank You" to your best customers, best friends and those you love the most. My old friend, Bob Valentine, now retired President of Valco Graphics in Tukwila, Washington, had a natural way of saying Thank You.


A Story of Black Bamboo by Jim Cecil

For most of the last 22 years I have had the privilege of traveling the world studying, speaking and consulting on the concept and methodologies involved with authentic Nurture Marketing. Nurture Marketing is about caring, in your “heart of hearts” about your clients, employees and prospects and about communicating well the services and products you provide for them.


Four marketing trends that should END in 2012

If you're the kind of person that appreciates professional honesty, read on. If not, read on anyway because you might need to hear this. Most of the time we are a really friendly bunch around here and our clients are pretty awesome if you ask me. But, every once in a while there are things that just drive us crazy so I thought I would share a little inside info.


How to Market in a Down Economy

Sure, times are tough for all of us right now and marketing budgets are being cut up like a bad kindergarten craft project. Of course we don't recommend cutting the one thing that will keep you on top when the economy is back on track (and we know it will be), but we understand that's just the reality for many businesses. Instead, we want to give you some tips to help you make small changes that can make a big impact right now.


Just sharing a little love...

Our Nurture Marketing Writer's Guild is an ongoing support system where we learn from industry experts, and each other, to consistently keep up-to-date on the latest techniques, styles and solve challenges. Recently, we were thrilled to speak with Dr. Tom Sant and gain some awesome insight. We thought we would share his kind words about our managing partner, Jim Cecil, and the concept of nurture marketing.